Welcome! We are the Engineering Student Design Center (ESDC), a facility within the UC Davis College of Engineering that provides manufacturing education, resources, and support for students of every engineering discipline, as well as staff of the College as they work on projects for classes, research, independent study, and student design competition clubs. This space is a safe, supervised environment for students and staff to learn, practice, and master hands-on manufacturing and fabrication techniques relevant to their engineering education. 

The ESDC facilities include the Student Machine Shop (1220 Bainer Hall) and the Specialty CNC Machine Shop (1230 Bainer Hall). These spaces offer a wide range of resources including a machine shop, electronics lab, wood shop, and additive manufacturing space.

Our primary purpose at the ESDC is to provide quality resources and manufacturing education to the students and staff of the UC Davis College of Engineering.


1220 Bainer Student Machine Shop


1230 Bainer Specialty CNC Machine Shop