The Engineering Fabrication Lab (EFL) had a very exciting summer that was filled with change.  The lab acquired nearly $1,000,000 worth of equipment, all benefitting the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Engineering at UC Davis.

Machines were moved to accommodate 4 brand new Bridgeport mills, 3 Harrison-Clausing lathes, 2 standing drill presses, 3 Miller Syncrowave 210 AC/DC Arc Welders, and a Vibra King 45 from Burr King.  These machines supplement the EFL’s current inventory, bringing the total to 10 mills, 10 lathes, 6 drill presses, 5 different welding machines, and 3 tumblers.  With the new equipment, the EME 50 and BIM 110 classes have increased their student capacities and the EFL can now accommodate more students during open lab hours.

In addition to the increase in the number of machines already in the lab, the EFL offers some new equipment never available in the past, allowing lab users more options for manufacturing their projects.

The first new addition to the EFL is the Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter and engraver.  It can cut and engrave certain types of plastics and works well with soft woods.  The clean cuts it makes on acrylic are particularly impressive.  Come by the lab and any of the staff members can assess whether your material can be used on the laser cutter.

A new addition to the woodshop is a ShopBot Buddy, which can create beautiful 3D profile carvings simply and easily.

The EFL has replaced all of its CNC machines and now has the Ecoturn 450 lathe, the DMC 1035 V Ecoline 3-axis mill, and the DMU 50 5-axis mill all from DMG Mori.  Come speak with the lab staff to find out what can be made on these machines.

The grandest and most impressive addition to the lab is the OMAX 55100 Precision Jet Machining Center.  This water-jet cutter uses abrasive material to cut almost any material in any thickness, and it leaves behind a smooth, clean finish.

The EFL staff members are excited for the endless possibilities that these new machines will facilitate for the EFL users.